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MI-West Michigan Whitecaps Game-July 14(Planning)

Postby sportsanchor » Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:11 pm

WHAT: West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball
WHEN: Saturday, July 14th 2007
CHARITY: Make-A-Wish


Link to Whitecaps Site
Directions to Ballpark

The West Michigan Whitecaps are welcoming back the 501st Legion for the second consecutive summer. Last year this event raised $1,100 for the "Make-A-Wish" charity. This year we're in position to do much better than that. Troopers from all Midwest Legions (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin & Michigan) are welcome to come in for this event. Hotel accomodations will be arranged for those making a long drive from out of state. What will make this event unique is that the West Michigan Whitecaps players (Class A Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) will each wear a Star Wars baseball jersey, during the game, designed by 501st member, Scott Withers and approved by LucasFilm!


Several of these game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off and raffled, with all the proceeds going to "Make-A-Wish". Lucas has requested 3 of the jerseys for his archives and several of the extra jerseys have been made available for purchase by 501st members. This event has the potential of bringing in a lot of money for the charity. Troopers will be involved once again in on-field games/antics in between innings and the plan is to show one of the Star Wars movies on the big video board in left field again {Probably Empire Strikes Back}. More information will be posted here as updates come available. In the meantime, please consider taking part in what will no doubt be a very memorable evening for the 501st Midwest Garrison.


Below is the link to the Whitecaps PDF for Saturday's event. Please take the time to click in and read it. I would encourage everyone to print it off and bring it with you as some minor changes and tweaks could be made.

If you're coming from long distances, please remember to build in some extra drive-time as several of the main highways here in Grand Rapids are under road construction.. In fact, US-131 which runs along side the ballpark is down to one lane. I know there's a stretch of highway on I-96, between Lansing and Grand Rapids, that's torn up as well. If you're coming from 3 hours away, you may want to leave 4 hours ahead of time to avoid being stuck in any construction..

Thanks to everyone who will be participating!!


Whitecaps game costumers/costumes list
1. Brent Ashcroft - Sandtrooper
2. Michael Karp - Clone Trooper
3. Rob Brang - TK Stormtrooper
4. John Blizzard - Clone Trooper
5. Tiffany Murphy - TX
6. Jason Ujvari - Sandtrooper
7. Brooke Merva - Sandtrooper and/or Imperial Officer
8. Carl Nelson- Royal Guard
9. Rickard Markle - Darth Vader
10. Phil Font - Darth Vader/Sandtrooper
11. Jon Leopold - AT-ST
12. Lou Rodriguez - Garindan or Tusken Raider
13. David Gates - Boba Fett
14. Donavon Larabel- Red TK
15. Robert Amid - Tie Pilot
16. Roger Rehman - ????
17. Tim Webb - Shadow Trooper
18. Brien Skinner - Clone Trooper
19. Dave Raimondo - Scout Trooper
20. Brad Trimble - Scout Trooper
21. Linda Pellerito - Jedi
22. Joel Aldrich - Jedi
23. Scott Sharky - Jedi
24. Shannon Trombley - Rebel Fleet Trooper
25. Richard Bishop - Clone Trooper
26. Jason Heatherington - Jedi
27. Jason Orange - Uncle Owen
28. Rachel orange - Aunt Beru
29. Sean Watkins - TK
30. Richard Bueker - Gamorrean Guard
31. Richard Bueker's "Significant Other" - Emperor
32. Karen Larabel - Episode II Librarian
33. Michael Peacock - Jedi

Costume Support List
1. Pat Dawson
2. Mike Dawson
3. Terry Sweet
4. Evelyn Sweet
5. Susie Leopold - Costume Support Coordinator
6. Diana Furget
7. Dylan Brang
8. Michael Vanvervand
9. Kelli Hepler
10. Nathan Karp
11. Courtney Karp
12. Albert Lombard
13. Lisa Bishop
14. Amanda Hamlin
15. Steve Bishop - video/photographer
16. Jessica Rodriguez
17. Matt Coleman
18. Doug Larabel
19. Robert Amid's Wife
20. Robert Amid's Sister-in-Law



If you're coming from a long distance Saturday, and plan on driving on I-96 West, the US 131 North off-ramp is completely closed!!! That's the off-ramp that takes you directly to the ballpark... For those travelling on I-96 West, take M-6 (Holland exit) which is about mile marker 50... take that all the way to US 131 North... and work your way up thru downtown GR that way.. You'll still have to deal with some road construction on the immediate north side of downtown GR but nowhere near as much.. M-6 is all highway and won't be that painful of a detour.. it may add 15 more minutes to your journey, but that will pale in comparison if you forget and try to guess your way thru back-roads to get to the ballpark..

Any questions, please ask.

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Postby Cujo » Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:48 pm

Man that would be an awesome souvenir.
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Postby Ripcode » Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:54 pm

Brent update this thread so NON-MWG can get info for this event! :)
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Postby Blasty Trooper » Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:58 pm

Ripcode wrote:Brent update this thread so NON-MWG can get info for this event! :)

Done. :wink:
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Postby Ripcode » Mon Jun 25, 2007 1:22 pm

Blasty Trooper wrote:
Ripcode wrote:Brent update this thread so NON-MWG can get info for this event! :)

Done. :wink:

Or Blasty..... :lol:
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Postby Spud Trooper » Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:54 am

On GR force.net I found these pics of Brent with the jersey on.


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Postby Ripcode » Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:30 am

12 days and counting! :P
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Postby Ripcode » Mon Jul 09, 2007 7:26 am

(5) days and counting! :D

Here are s few pics from the promotional troop on 07/07/07! :D

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Postby TKvanB » Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:45 am

:thumbs: AWESOME PICTURES! :thumbs:

Check out the LATEST NEWS on the 501st Legion site: http://www.501st.com/index.php

Star Wars at the Ballpark
by tuskentrooper on Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:49 pm

This coming July 14th, the West Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit Tigers Class A affiliate) will be wearing Lucasfilm-approved Star Wars baseball jerseys at their home game against the Beloit Snappers in Comstock Park, Michigan. The jerseys were designed by 501st member Scott “Crow” Withers (TK-1491) and 10 game-worn jerseys will be auctioned for one of our favorite charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The 501st Midwest Garrison and Rebel Legion Midwest Base will have over 30 costumers at the game. Highlights include Vader throwing out the first pitch, 501st member Brien Skinner (TC-8595) playing the National Anthem on guitar in full Clone Trooper armor, photos for charity donation, and costumers participating in games in between innings. After the game, there will be a fireworks display and fans can watch A New Hope on the giant scoreboard! Read more on the 501st Midwest Garrison forums here.
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Postby Mieal_Deneb » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:10 pm

Does anyone have pictures from this? Do we have the stats on how much money we raised for Make a Wish?


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Postby Blasty Trooper » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:45 pm

Mission Report (compiled by Gator):


West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball Game
2nd Annual Star Wars Day

When: Saturday, July 14th 2007
Where: 5/3rd Ballpark near Grand Rapids
Attending: SELLOUT Crowd of 11,000!!
Charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation www.wish.org


High Rez version here: http://www.berlinraceway.com/LORI/5799.JPG



On Saturday July, 14 2007 the West Michigan Whitecaps (Class A Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) welcomed back the 501st Legion for their 2nd Annual Star Wars Night. What made this years event unique was that the Whitecaps players each wore a Star Wars baseball jersey, during the game. The jesreys were designed by 501st member, Scott "Crow" Withers (TK-1491) and approved by LucasFilm!

Image Image


The day started early with a special team photo (seen above) of the players in their new jerseys and all of the costumers in center field. Then while the players warmed up, we received our mission orders from the ballpark staff and the event coordinators, Donavon Larabel (ID-0338) and Brent Ashcroft (TD-1044). We were then able to take a couple quick photos and a small break in the cheap seats. :wink: As the fans made their way into the ballpark, we greated them out by the ticket windows and along the concourses. You could tell it was going to be an electrified and very busy night.


Game Time:

The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Darth Vader, or also known as the south-paw from Illinois, Mike Plesha (SL-0356). The pitch was a bit outside, but what can you expect from a White Sox fan. :wink: Darth Vader then lead his Clonetroopers out on the field for the National Anthem. Another special treat for the fans this year, was that the National Anthem was performed by Brien "Skinny" Skinner (CT-8595) in full clone armor.


Duing the game the fans to treated to on-field antics by several troopers including Brooke Merva (TD-1148) and Jason Ujvari (TD-1703) that performed the YMCA for the sellout crowd. Further fan interaction was avaliable along the concourses, out in the center field party deck and at our Make-A-Wish Foundation photo booth. For over 2 hours we posed for photos with the fans and accepted donations to Make-A-Wish.

We were very fortunate to have a Make-A-Wish Family represented at this event. Carissa, her Mom, Dad and 2 sisters were with us for the entire game. Carissa is 15 years old that suffers from Cerebral Palsy w/ complications, and while she does use a wheelchair and is not able to communicate verbally, she has the biggest and most beautiful smile.

Over the cours of the night we took and printed 115 photos and sold Make-A-Wish bracelets at our table. The team then auctioned off ten of the game-worn jerseys with proceeds going to MAW. After the game, the winners were brought onto the field, where the players took the jerseys off their backs and signed them. Besides the three jerseys going to LFL for their archives, all the remaining jerseys were sold at cost plus a $30 donation to the charity. The grand total ended up being $3,044.25 raised for Make-A-Wish!

During the entire game the crowd reacation was fantastic. The kids had a blast meeting the Star Wars characters, getting autographs, putting on temporary tattoos, and collecting our trading cards. The loudest ovations came after the Clone trooper finished playing the National Anthem and when the Whitecaps tied the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with 2 outs. The home team won in the bottom of the 11th inning after the other team’s catcher dropped the ball while trying to tag out a runner at home.

After the game, our costumers led the fans in dances to more songs like “Y.M.C.A.” and “Walk the Dinosaur” for 20-30 minutes. The fireworks display followed and was accompanied by scores from John William’s Star Wars music. To cap off what is a night to be long remembered, the fans were allowed onto the field to watch A New Hope on the score board video monitor.





34 total costumers + 19 NCS

0338 Donavon Larabel- Imp. Officer/Event Coordinator
0654 Phil Font- Vader/TD
0866 Roger Rehman- NCS
1044 Brent Ashcroft- TD/Event Coordinator
1148 Brooke Merva- TD
1332 Tiffany Murphy- Stealth Trooper
1703 Jason Ujvari- TD
2124 Eric Vedder- TB
2125 Robert Amid- TI
2275 Carl Nelson- Royal Guard
2280 Robert Brang- TK
3433 Lou Rodriquez- Tusken
5037 Jon Leopold- AT-ST Driver
8192 John Blizzard- Clone Commander
8595 Brien Skinner- Clone Commander
8875 David Gates- Boba Fett
9296 Michael Karp- Clone Trooper
9531 Sean Watkins- TD
Richard Bishop- Clone Trooper
Dave Raimondo- TB
Kelli Hepler- Death Star Construction Crew

0356 Mike Plesha- Vader/TK

1781 Richard Markle- Vader/TI
1182 Brad Trimble- TB
3688 Richard Bueker- Gamorrean Guard
Candie ? (Richard Bueker's girlfriend) - NCS

Karen Larabel- Jocasta Nu
Rachel Orange- Beru
Jason Orange- Owen
Shannon Trombley- Fleet trooper
Scott Scharke- Jedi
Andrew Weston- Jedi
Joel Aldrich- Jedi
Jason Hetherington- Jedi
Linda Pellerito - Jedi

Pat Dawson
Mike Dawson
Diana Furget
Dylan Brang
Michael Vanvervand
Nathan Karp
Courtney Karp
Lisa Bishop
Amanda Hamlin
Steve Bishop - video/photographer
Tracy Amid
Heather Cassidy
Michael Peacock
Sudie Pazarek (spelling??)
Albert Lombard
Doug Larabel
Terry Sweet
Evelyn Sweet

Additional picturs can be found here:
http://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h11/S ... 7-14-2007/
http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e154/ ... 416f58.pbw

Videos can be found here:
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